Saturday, 17 November 2012

2 Books, 2 Months, 2 Awards and 2 Much to handle...

I have seen good and bad days, happy and sad days, extreme struggle and amazingly happy moments in life, truly I have crossed half way mark of my life and wisdom tooth is paining after 40.

When I got selected as Dy. Supdt of Police, I was barely 21, I thought this is the happiest day of my life, the similar feeling came when I got married (I am writing this, as my wife can also read this blog), very similar feeling came when we ware blessed with a Son - Shrey and very much similar feeling when Shiny (my daughter) came to our home.

It took me 10 years to accept that I should not be a perfectionist and now should stop writing anymore better and felt once again very happy when one of the biggest brand in publishing industry - Sterling Publishers decided to publish my book - Winning is Everything, again felt delighted and honoured when Dr. Kiran Bedi, my idol, launched my book, the happiness doubled when India's biggest publisher - Diamond Books decided to publish my book in Hindi (Safalta Ki Aur 10 Aasan Kadam) and I was on cloud 9 when Mr. Kirti Azad, Member of Parliament for everyone and a World Cup Winning Hero for me, launched my book at Delhi Book Fair.

I really thought these were the most happiest moments after a struggle of many years but suddenly life changed when I came to know that the demand of the book is not only in India but in abroad also it is in good demand, I was informed that 200 copies of my book have gone to Philippines, how excited I was and then one day I got another mail from Sterling that my book (Winning is Everything) has been shortlisted for Best Business Book of the Award at Sharjah Book Fair 2012, I could not reach Sharjah and I picked up the priorities of my profession over my passion.  The day (7th Nov) came and my heart beat increased when the result was to be declared, an sms from Mr S K Ghai, Managing Director - Sterling Publishers, who was in Sharjah and was more sure than me, increased my heart beat to the maximum, when I read - 'Great...we got it', I was happy, very happy, extreamly happy but could not read the message as it was dim, shady and cloudy, tears played their role...

Much to my belief, I decided to check it on web first before letting the world know and had to wait for a day, on the fateful morning of 8th Nov. I checked on my friendly search engine - Google and got confirmed that my 10 years hard work - Winning is Everything, A 10 Step Guide to Sure Shot Success, has got me the success, I got the Best Business Book of the Year Award for 2012 at Sharjah International Book Fair.

The celebrations were on and critics were also not silent, someone called me not to congratulate but to ask how come in India you have not yet been picked up for an award for your Masterpiece and how can others outside India first spotted your talent and recognised you.  The God was listening our conversation and the next call I got was from an angle who informed me that I have been selected for a National Award as well, which is given for the literacy work - my Books - Winning is Everything and 'Safalta Ki Aur 10 Aasan Kadam' got me another national level award - Maulana Azad Puruskar and I was to be given a Gold Medal with certificate in next 3 days.

The happiness was in the atmosphere, cheers, phone calls, congratulations and blessings came from all directions, I was happy to be busy to say thanks, thank you, so nice of you and your blessings....

In this hassle bustle of Success, someone quietly asked me - 2 Books, 2 Months, 2 Awards and 2 Much to is difficult - what should be my answer...

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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Dear All,

I am going to launch my book - Winning is Everything very soon...

‘Winning is Everything’ is the outcome of my learning and experience of 17 years starting with imbibing conventional leadership traits from Internal Security (Police) Academy to the lobbies of IIM - Lucknow from where I picked up the concepts of success in Corporate world and the experience through these years as a Police Officer to Chef People Officer.
The USP of the book is interesting stories and examples with effective learning to understand the management concepts and their application in a very easy but effective manner.
What is in the Book
The book will not only give attention on ‘What’ is required in life to be successful, rather ‘How’ it can be achieved in a very practical manner, one can easily understand the magic mantras with natural ease with the help of ‘hitting the nail’ stories.
A great deal of personal research has helped me in explaining some tough topics with such examples that anyone in Corporate World, Management Institutes / Business School or Degree College will feel as these are from their own world only.
The book is divided in 10 chapters and first 4 chapters are dedicated to the success formula known as - KASH (Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habits).
Chapters 5 to 10 cover behavioural abilities to attain success, where the most challenging topics are picked up and explained keeping in view the ‘Practical Approach’.
The Wow Factors of Winning is Everything / What is So Special in the Book ?
·         Do Human Beings Appreciate or Depreciate.
·         Value of Self-Assessment and how to assess on realistic grounds.
·         Smart Work V/s Hard Work.
·         The Practical Understanding of - Out of the Box Thinking.
·         ‘You Be You’ concept to handle comparison with others.
·         The Role of Perception in life and its impact on Attitude.
·         Behavioural and Functional Abilities.
·         Role of Mnemonics in Sharpening your Memory.
·         8 Productive Habits one should inculcate to be Successful.
·         Leadership Qualities / How can you become a leader.
·         Krishna Theory of Leadership (studying Lord Krishna as a Leader and learning how he led among all challenges and odds.
·         Learning ‘How’ to take Critical and Ideal Decisions.
·         Decision Making Matrix to learn Different Decision selection.
·         Grapevine Communication for sure shot success.
·         Building TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More)
·         ‘Burger Rule’ of giving Effective and Constructive Feedback.
·         Ways of Increasing Motivation for Individuals and Organisations.
·         5 Important Concepts of Spiritual Management.
Some Amazing Stories to Watch for :
·         Smart Enemy is better than a Foolish Friend.
·         The Story of Two Monks on Perception.
·         Story of Attitude of a Watchman, find out if he gained or lost.
·         The Great Magician who was skilled but not intelligent.
·         The Story of Two Farmers (having fields on one piece of Land with one side Lush Green and the other side completely baron).
·         Donkey in the Well can teach you some amazing lessons.
·         Intelligent Sparrow (who could take revenge with her mental strength).
·         The Goldsmith (who could beat everyone with his sharp Intelligence).
·         The Saint and the Scorpio, who learnt what lesson from whom.
·         Hanging Sword can teach you a lot in life, depends where it is hanging.
·         The ‘Team’ of Hare and Tortoise who both Won the race of life.
·         The Soap Box Story or Creativity and Team Building.
·         The ‘Masterpiece’ of a painter can make you a ‘Masterpiece’ for the world.
·         Story of The Boxer, how perspective change step by step.
·         The Story of an Aamir and the Slave, can slave teach a few lessons.